Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

My name is Ingrid - I am Admin for this awesome Business.

Some of us are slow learners! Program after Program for 6+ years have not made my pocketbook healthier!

After finding WFTB 2 years ago my life has changed. My husband and I are in Profit, changing Lives for our Family, Children and Grandchildren will be long lasting.

Trustworthy Leadership in Business, member participation, a positive and business mindset is necessary for success. We have a Unique Business that works! WOOHOO!

We call ourselves Blessed!

Ingrid & Claus D.

I am Evelyn Billings. I am a retired nurse and needed a new income stream.
I am in profit. How many can say that from other projects?
My goal is to travel and this business is pushing me to that goal.
This is a business and it takes daily attention but it does not take long to do. Our new website that is still in progress as of this date is going to make things easier. Great group of people to work with.

I'm very happy to say I'm in profit in all phases of Escalated Lifestyle Group,and on the threshold of being fully solvent wooohhooo and when I say that I mean it years and years of wasted money chasing pipe dreams no more